Not looking for childcare but know someone who is?

Lend A Hand & Refer A Friend

Here's How It Works

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You tell a friend or loved one that PGHE is enrolling by sending them to our website.

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They complete an inquiry form & list you as a referring party.

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You both earn cash*!

*See terms and conditions for details


Parent Survival Night

$ 10 Per Family*
Now enrolling

Drop In

$ 20 Per Enrolled Family*

Part Time

$ 50 Per Enrolled Child*

Full Time

$ 100 Per Enrolled Child*

Refer a friend or a loved one today!


Terms & Conditions

In order for both parties to receive compensation, the referred party (the person in need of childcare) must 

    1. Select friend/family member from the drop down list on the inquiry form when asked how did you hear about us 

    2. Fill in the name and contact information of the person who referred them (phone or email)

    3. Complete the enrollment process in its entirety

    4. Be accepted into our program (please see the enrollment process for more details)

    5. Be enrolled in our program for 90 days before funds are dispersed (drop ins must be enrolled for at least 30 days and have completed at least one drop in within that tie frame.)

    6. Keep their account in good standing for those 90 days (30 days for drop ins) with no late payments, missed payments, withdrawal or termination from the program and in compliance with all policies.

*All referrals will receive their compensation via (1) lump sum in the form of a childcare credit that must be used within 30 days of receipt. All referring parties will receive their compensation in the form of a VISA gift card or cash. Referring parties may earn up to $400 during an enrollment period. Any inquiry forms submitted outside that time frame will be credited during the following enrollment period if all terms and conditions are met.

Lend a hand and refer a friend today!